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May 25, 2017

I fell in love with Life today.

I looked into its eyes.

There I saw gifts:







I filled myself with Life today.

And we loved and loved.

I celebrated Life today.

And we danced and danced.

Spinning and spinning.

I must have danced too much

For I lost to...

May 18, 2017

Sweet scratches

across my back

paint a picture



desperate bodies

desperately trying

to become one.

Sighs of relief.

Gasps of pleasure.


what is primal.



Only knowing love.

Only being loved.

May 15, 2017

Please don't forget the feeling in your belly when you spin.

Don't lose the joyful freedom to dance around and sing.

Don't forget how it feels to swing so high you fly.

Or how strong and brave you are to give something new a try.

Don't forget how to lose control when you l...

May 14, 2017

Is it true?

What I see there.

Is that reality?

The lines

The colors

The curves

The mirror shows the truth.

Or does it?

Maybe somewhere deeper.

The lake.

Now I shimmer.

Nearly sparkle.

If I lean in

Can I see myself better?

If I fall in

Will I understand

The person staring back at me?


May 11, 2017

I wrote this poem many many years ago, during a difficult time in my life.  I want to post it because I still find it beautiful.

It's been a while since I've felt this way.

The driving urge to run away.

But still I stay.

Am I a coward for staying here?

For acting brave and...

May 10, 2017

A dark blue sky, scattered white clouds.

A thousand different smells, a thousand different sounds.

Curious fingertips wandering along the wall.

Each step unknown, I'm weary that I might fall.

Unidentified surroundings, nervous blue eyes.

Lillies and Petunias wilt among your...

May 9, 2017

Revealing myself

So scary

Bars are down 

And I'm fairly

Certain what's beyond

Will be my end. 

The world can see 


My vulnerabilities. 

My flaws. 

There are many. 

How I'm almost 

Always anxious

And nervous

For interactions. 

How I think I must 

Look pretty to impress

Those around m...

May 9, 2017

A couple of pictures of the island where I was born.  My birth place.  In more ways than one.

May 9, 2017

Inside of me dwells a demon

It pushes me into danger

Impartial of consequences

But I know the possibilities

So I push it back.

Claws leave bloody tracks where it clings to me

I smile at its suggestions

But I can't give in

I can't act

So I keep fighting the demon

It will never le...

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