Let America Win

After the last election, I was surprised and disappointed that so many people who I respect and love and care about voted for Donald Trump.

I have come to realize over these 4 years that people vote for many, many different reasons; reasons that are extremely important to them, personally and spiritually. So important, that they may ignore what they normally would not tolerate in their normal lives.

Personally, I cannot ignore those things. I cannot ignore that the sitting president has used fear and division to advance his campaign since the first day of his run. That same predatory technique has led every extreme group, every hate group, to feel empowered. And, by using the double edged sword that is social media, they have strengthened and organized their connections to each other.

Our great country’s social issues have shattered and I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming back in 2016 by the election of an influential man whose message served as kerosene on our social conflicts. The country is burning and that is something I cannot ignore.

His message has also pushed the extremists in liberal politics to yell louder and push harder against the man who oppresses them more strongly than anyone else ever has. That has changed the democratic party.

When I vote, I sometimes lean republican and I sometimes lean democrat. I’m sure there are many people like me that vote for president depending on how many issues the candidate represents for them, not by what party backs them. Knowing that my idea of utopia is mine alone and that it cannot exist, I choose to vote critically, not blindly and emotionally.

With our current president, however, I cannot vote rationally. Donald Trump automatically took himself off my ballot long ago. Like red flags in the very beginning of an abusive relationship, the man who encouraged hatred and fed fears in his early campaign days, has poisoned our country, repeatedly and viciously.

As the escalating situation appears to be reaching its peak, Donald Trump further fans the flames. To me it is simple. While he has been in office, I’ve seen valid arguments defending both sides of many issues: the economy, foreign policy, Covid-19, and others. I silence my opinion because all the while, Americans are being pitted against Americans.

Loving America, I refuse to vote for a president who divides. Divided we fall.

So this time, this election, I will not take a vote for Trump personally. I will remember that those who I respect and love and care for will vote based on their experiences and views, same as I will; who they are does not change.

No matter who wins, I have a huge ask… a plea. Family and friends, please be gracious and put positivity into the world. People will need to feel those experiences; they need to not conflate who we vote for with who we are. We will all need positive experiences desperately because media will flood our senses with even more fear and hatred and anger.

No matter who is elected, spread kindness. No matter who becomes our next president, let America win.