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Traveler: The World Beyond The Storm

Traveler: The World Beyond The Storm is an 80,000 word fantasy-romance novel.


This first novel is still undergoing changes and edits. It is a slow process for me, as I work on it very, very, very part-time. It will be finished soon and you will be the first to know. The first chapter will be published in my blog in the coming weeks, so if you haven't yet, be sure to subscribe below.



Growing up in the foster system left Cora crippled with invisible scars and now she wants nothing more than to start a life of her own. Unsure of her path she searches for clarity; she finds peace when she hikes. Deep in the woods she finds herself exposed to a violent storm—a storm that opens a door to a vibrant alternate universe. Cora must unleash an inner strength in order to survive being trapped in a place where magic rules. Her body and spirit are battered as she suffers, trapped as a servant to a volatile man. Escaping his clutches leads her to discover her destiny. In this new and terrifying world she not only uncovers that she has extraordinary powers, but she also unravels the shocking truths of her origins and parentage. With unlikely allies and mystical trainers she learns to control her powers in order to travel between worlds and save countless others who may have slipped into a similar fate as her own. Before she can choose between abandoning the world she thought was home or returning to her loved ones and her old life, she first needs to help defeat her former owner. He is a vicious man who threatens to unravel the world she is learning to care for, the world where she finds more than magic and answers on her journey. It is a world where she finds true love and a chance at family. It is a world where, at last, she finds her home.


Traveler: The World Beyond The Storm is a standalone novel, but it also has series potential. The magic in the story is reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The mix of romance and magic will appeal to fans of Breath of Earth by Beth Cato even though Traveler: The World Beyond The Storm is contemporary rather than historical.

Traveler: The World Beyond The Storm: Project
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