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September 19, 2019

I see myself as I was...

as I began.

You are me...

back then.

I am you...


Is there one, is there two, is there three of us?

At times, confused by the trembling voices.

No longer afraid to feel your sadness.

Where there was once a picture there is empty space.

A bare table.....

September 18, 2019

This garden borders the left side of the backyard. It buffers the fence that is shared with my sweet neighbors. I started to the work on this bed about 6 years ago when we planted a young flowering Pear tree (ornamental) and a young Purple Leaf Filbert (hazelnut) tree.


September 18, 2019

I dare not think I know at all.

How can I know?

I am just a passing glance.

I know a bit about a windy day,

but what are rustles but a giggle as the wind breezes through?

I know of bees and pollination,

but the buzzing bee may talk of crops and I just can't understand.

The bl...

September 18, 2019

Truth lies hidden, buried with the dead
The essence of our living, written but not read
When you stop to listen do you hear the anger and the pain?
And when you close your eyes do you see the devil reign?

The oceans lap up, reaching for the moon
Reflecting each other,...

September 18, 2019

Not sure

But, it feels like I'm flying.



Perhaps I'm falling.

Pry my eyes open.

Gotta watch

This drug.

It can be potent.

Duck my head.

From all these heavy

Rocks and stones

Falling from fearful

Open skies.

I have


In the back

Of my head.

But, up ahead

All is dark.


August 10, 2019

Gardening has been part of me from the start... from being my mother's helper to my first small (failed) garden at my first little townhouse to tending to my current home gardens for the past 9 years. Still, I consider myself to be a beginner. There is just so much to...

August 15, 2018

Cough the scratch in your throat

Swallow the lump

You're desert parched

The world is blurred through flooded eyes

Blink, quick, so no one sees

But who would?

You're all alone here.

How can that be?

There are people all around

The buzz of chatter

So loud

You can't make out any wor...

March 1, 2018

I was so sure I knew the facts,

But the facts are swayed as easily as spoken words.

Lies and rumors.

Truth turns to fiction

And fiction turns to truth.

Minds change.

Opinions too.

And as inevitably as the world turns



Belief becomes fear and fear feels r...

November 13, 2017

Every single time the wind blows the house moans.

It bends slightly lower.

One day a strong gust

or perhaps even a gentle breeze

will whisper across the planks,

rattle the panes

and the whole structure will fall.

Collapse on itself.

Wood and metal,

photos and memories

tossed int...

November 13, 2017

I clutch my ears

Cringing from the deafening silence.

The blank emotion blasts

a trumpet's horn.

There was once hope and promise

But it was not enough.

That weak foundation

Never treated

Never built upon

It splintered

It tarnished

With cracks

And creaks.

Tread carefully

Walk gingerl...

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