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Reaching Tomorrow

A dark blue sky, scattered white clouds.

A thousand different smells, a thousand different sounds.

Curious fingertips wandering along the wall.

Each step unknown, I'm weary that I might fall.

Unidentified surroundings, nervous blue eyes.

Lillies and Petunias wilt among your lies.

Dodging your insults, I grasp for the rail.

I miss and tumble. Fear. Now I've lost the trail.

Foggy windows line this overgrown path.

Horror, Anguish, insanity, wrath.

Different colors, different scents,

All too familiar now.

Someone's watching, someone's following.

They want me to fall down.

Anxiety. I can't turn around.

Liquid adjectives rain from the sky.

Each a word to describe

All the times you've cried.

I've cried.

Heavy winds blow, but candles burn strong.

The young need an old, the right need a wrong.

Ironically shivering, tending wounds from the coals.

Happiness is a privilege, but we need peace to save the soul.

I've tasted all emotions, but scampered from them all.

Footsteps lie ahead of me and I hear a distant call.

I lack the strength to go forward, but it's too late to turn back.

I've learned too much by now and the stranger's shadow is cast.

So what's behind me is ugly, up ahead is unseen.

But I keep hoping for the answers, they're drugs and I fiend.

I live unsatisfied forever and must face it alone.

Wandering towards my peace of mind, searching for my home.

Soaked now in my own distress and exhausted of love.

I feel the courage in my sweat, mixed sweetly with my blood.

So I've finally found the reason to keep going, day and day.

Because what was becomes tomorrow, for that I'm willing to stay.

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