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I fell in love with Life today.

I looked into its eyes.

There I saw gifts:







I filled myself with Life today.

And we loved and loved.

I celebrated Life today.

And we danced and danced.

Spinning and spinning.

I must have danced too much

For I lost touch with Life's love.

I mingled with temptation.

Drank from others' sins.

I dove into a pool of ecstasy.

I knew it was forbidden, but I didn't care.

I lavished in the bad of it all.

My eyes couldn't focus.

My body couldn't slow.

I danced and I danced and I danced.

And then I heard a soft, soft sound.

Lovely singing, I thought at first.

Then I realized I was mistaken.

Life was weeping.



And the flowers died.

Birds couldn't fly.

Green grass turned brown.

We were faced with a drought.

Beauty could not live without love.

Oh and how Life's sorrow struck me.

Blow after blow.

But, I took too much.

It was my own fault.

And now it was too late.

In my own pity, I took Life so that it would not have to grieve anymore.

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