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Unhealed Wounds

Some wounds are so deep that all you can do in order to keep moving forward is to tamp down on it.

You can't let it bleed through. If you let it go through the healing process. If you allow it to breathe, and scab, and open, and rescab, and finally stitch together, you might not make it to the next day or the day after that. You'll be swept away. Swept under the pain, the rush of blood, the sweat, the panic.

So you keep pressure on it until it clots, thick and roped like a scar, yet unhealed. It will require constant pressure to keep it from seeping or weeping as it splits and stretches. So you keep squeezing. Tightly. Making it hard to breathe. Something in you changes, but you’re able to keep walking.

You’re able to face the next moment, the next day, the next year. You are moving and you’re alive.


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