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A Mess of Words

Truth lies hidden, buried with the dead The essence of our living, written but not read When you stop to listen do you hear the anger and the pain? And when you close your eyes do you see the devil reign?

The oceans lap up, reaching for the moon Reflecting each other, creating a cocoon An oval mess of colors and souls' burdens as they cry Trapped in between the waters and the sky In every corner, shadows slink about and creep Sinking in cold darkness, we pass by and they reach Living in loneliness, afraid of the fear to fly Looking to follow us, afraid to accept they've died Confusion in my words, content-ness in the mess Annoyance from the ignorance that causes me to stress

No one can understand until the truth is revealed Until shadows run free, and intimacy is concealed My mind wants ease, so I close my eyes to rest But the visions in my head are on a nightmare's set Will the darkness become light? Will the light fade to grey? If I walk away to find myself...what part of me will stay?

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