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What Are You Afraid Of?

Cough the scratch in your throat

Swallow the lump

You're desert parched

The world is blurred through flooded eyes

Blink, quick, so no one sees

But who would?

You're all alone here.

How can that be?

There are people all around

The buzz of chatter

So loud

You can't make out any words

But no one looks to you

A sunken stone-

your heart plunges to your stomach

Something's wrong

Move your feet!

Get out of there!

Grab someone!

Shake them!

Make them see you!


Keep running

Blood vibrating in your legs-

drumming loudly in your ears

Mouth gasping painful breaths

Aching lungs can't be ignored

Gut churning, boiling


Open your eyes

Where are you?

Smack of concrete on your knees-

you fall

Sobbing, choking, tears-

water on your cheeks

Shout, cry for help

You ran no where

Or it's all the same there

You're surrounded, but you're all alone

All alone and drowning in your fear.

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