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Pieces of you and me

I see myself as I was...

as I began.

You are me...

back then.

I am you...


Is there one, is there two, is there three of us?

At times, confused by the trembling voices.

No longer afraid to feel your sadness.

Where there was once a picture there is empty space.

A bare table...

only chipped wood and faded paint remain.

The photo gone...


It reminds me of a time when night after night shouts led to nothing and I wasn't sure which was worse.

Now I know it's the nothing.

The anguish from your tears can suffocate me, but your withdrawal

your silence

your stoic stare

all freeze me in terror,

paralyze my senses.

My heart echoes, my body shivers.

You don't know your worth.

From your hardworking hands to your radiant smile.

Don't deny the world your gifts.

You can't see them, can you?

You don't know them.

That's because your vision is clouded by your despair.

But, if you can see me...

Please, please

look closer.

Like a mirror, I am you.

I am a version of you.

And I am me.

Just pieces of me.

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