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Let Go

I remember feeling hopeless

And deeply afraid


Facing the unknown nearly broke me

There was nothing I could do.

But, my soul raged 

Raged against that stifled and trapped suffocation. 

Like a bird caught in a glass cage

My spirit slammed against my boundaries 

Rebelling against despair.

Soothed by the the promise of release

From the pain

In this world

In this plane.

My soul, my spirit recognized

If it is set free

Everything will be alright.

I was made for something more

I’ve been training


For what’s next.

In the beginning, lifespans were not long.

Modern medicine changed that and our lifespans doubled, tripled.

Now, we cling to this life

To this plane

To this existence

But, this may never have been where we were supposed to stay

Our souls’ destination is somewhere different

This is a stopover 

And, we’ve grown far too attached

Afraid of death

As if it is something permanent

Something scary

Something avoidable

Something final.

There’s a restlessness in my soul

Easily aware

Who are we really?

What are we really?

What purpose do we serve?

We are a part of other things

Our purpose much larger than here in this plane

Let go of the attachment

Let go of the fear

Let go of the pain

Give this life what it deserves

Give your soul the attention and love it needs

Use this place to grow

To blossom

To transmute.

This existence is so tragically beautiful

But, it’s not the destination

It’s the journey

On which we travel together, yet alone

Alone, yet never abandoned

Never abandoned.

There is nothing to fear

For we have wings

If only we allow ourselves to learn how to fly.


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