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Love: a calm sea

We all have a purpose in life.

A burning fire within, guiding our choices and shaping our lives.

Does that mean we are all destined for greatness?

And if we aren’t great, are we wasting our time?

My own purpose is simple— small.

It’s to help.

My children, my family first

But, also anyone

The weak and the hurting

The sad and the lonely

The scared and the hungry

The hopeless and the helpless

I know I can’t reach many and there is no greatness to be had, but my purpose remains clear:

To help some.

I’ll never change the world

I’ll never shape society

I won’t contribute to life-altering advances

Because my ambition is subtle— it's humble.

Maybe my small waves can create a current, a stream, a support

That presses others forward.

Because an ocean of ripples carries heavy ships afloat.

To those who are sacrificing and energizing and taking all the risks

I’m grateful for all you do.

To those, like me, making tiny moves

We’re churning

We’re giving

Our purpose may be small

But our impact is profound.

We are shaping a generation of thinkers and solvers

We are instilling hope and determination

We are here offering strength and comfort



Lean on us.

We are here.

Our purpose is to love.


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